Zilpah Joshi

Zilpah's sheet.

Race: Human
Class & Level: Archivist 4
Alignment: Choatic Good


Appearance: An attractive young woman, keeps herself tidey. Long brown hair, with matching brown eyes that have seemed to lost their sparkle. Her clothing gives away that she is an immigrent to Raven March, but it helps her blend in well with the stranger of the upperclass. The only weapon she keeps at her side, is her trusty bladed crossbow; other then that she is scene often refering back to her prayer book.

Personality: Though young she seems to have lost her energetic years. Her drab personality often make her seem as think less of people, and of raven march itself. The freinds she does have, though noble, do not share the same persona as her. She stays quite often, with her nose in a book, so new people often mean little to her.

Background: An lone Immegrent to Raven March, she has come here like many have via the sea. Where she comes from is rather hard to explain, she knows it took her a year by sea to get here from the place she once called home. The reason for her arrival was not out of necessity, nor did she come here for adventure; she has come to this place to find her father. The Church that her family hails from had sent her father to this place to retreive somthing of religous Value, and he never returned.

Now that she is here, she has come to a log in her proverbial path. Because of the great war that has occured there is a great many of people here. To stay alive she has fallin in with a group of young nobels that reside in this place, which give her access to many books and letters that she tries to gleen knowledge of this place and its people out of. Some of the knowledge leads her to beleive that what ever happened to her father, didn't happen in the city; So she has begun to offer her services to groups of adventurer's who travel outside this damn' city.

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