Pronounced "Zo-zix-on"
Character sheet
Race: Elan
Class: Psion (Kineticist)
Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: Appears human. Short, wavy red hair, green eyes, thin build, youthful appearance. Carries himself with a great deal of confidence.

Personality: Confident when things are going well, cautious when things don't go according to plan. Very curious regarding psionic and planar matters, less interested in most other topics. Very inwardly focused, but wants to do the right thing, hopes to be a hero someday. Travels to improve his abilities and see more of the world.

Background: Xoxixon grew up in Denab. He didn't have any family; he was raised in an orphanage. He never fit in quite right with the others; thin, weak, socially awkward, and lacking in common sense. He had no real friends, and so escaped into fantasy. He dreamed of being a powerful mage or psion, able to fly through the air, fire blasts of energy from his hands, interact with dragons and beings from other planes. As it turned out, his dreams came true. Upon reaching puberty, his powerful psionic potential began to awaken. Shortly thereafter, he was adopted by an unusual man, who, as it turned out, also had psionic ability. The man, Xeros, explained to the child that he was a Nomad, a type of psion. Friends had detected Xoxixon's ability and notified Xeros of a new young psion; he had been seeking a protege. Xoxixon's abilities were focused towards becoming a kineticist, which Xeros trained him to become. Xeros also explained that he had been places and seen things most psions had barely imagined. He taught Xoxixon languages which would aid him, should he travel the planes as Xeros had. Xeros had traveled many planes, seen alternate Prime Material planes, dealt with planar beings, even briefly visited some of the Inner and Outer planes. Xeros gave Xoxixon an introduction to the planes, taking him on journeys through the astral plane, defending him as necessary.
Upon reaching adulthood, Xoxixon was brought as a candidate to the elan, beings psionically transformed from humans, granted immortality and additional psionic ability. He was accepted, and went through the transformation to become an elan. Xeros then wished him well, and sent him on his way with a mule, some basic equipment, and money to explore the world, and the worlds beyond.

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