Werewolves In The Widow Wood

Sessions: 3
Dates: 1: Sat Jan 30, 2: Sun Jan 31, 3: Sun Feb 3rd (2010)
Heroes: Samkiel, Tanak, Alyssa, Annetta, Conrad, Alranc, Zuldan, Riam, Uugh, Lady Astaria, Severn
Level: 1st


Session 1:

The paladin Tanak and warmage Samkiel answer the church of St. Cuthberts call to save two children kidnapped while tending their families flock of goats on the pasture lands. The children, Alean and Briant Goodwin (6 and 12), were taken into the Widow Wood by some unknown abductor, their father followed their tracks seeking to rescue them, but was found torn to shreds only hours after his body dumped into a sink hole. Tanak and Samkile were guided to the sink hole by the local wood cutter who found the corpse. While retrieving the corpse they were set upon by 4 stirges! The heroes killed three of the blood suckers, and disabled the last which fled, but in doing so both were badly drained.

The heroes retrieved the corpse of Mister Goodwin and found that it had been savaged as if by wild beasts, but dragged from a nearby trail to be dumped into the sinkhole - where it would shortly have disappeared under the thick clay mud had it not been spotted so quickly. The adventurers gave the body to their guide to take back for disposal, as well as the gold locket containing locks of hair they found around his neck. They then began to follow the trail and were set upon by a wolf which was seemingly watching the trail! Samkiel dispatched the beast with two robs of electricity while Tanak engaged it in combat.

XP: 600XP for Samkiel and Tanak.

Session 2:

The church of St. Cuthbert having heard about three more killings in the forest decided to sent in reinforcements to join Tanak and Samkiel. Alyssa a dread necromancer, Annetta a psion (telepath), Conrad a paladin, Alranc an elven ranger, Zuldan a ranger, and Riam a monk, signed up for the task. These reinforcements were lead to the sink hole where they heard the dieing howls of the wolf slain by Tanak and Samkiel and the answering howls from its pack mates rushing to its aide! The heroes hurried forward just in time to join Tanak in the fight, while Samkiel out of spells and in no mood to fight a wolf pack headed back to Port Drambath. Together the adventurers held off an assault by four wolves. After killing the wolves one of their number decided to take the pelts back promising to deliver the gold to the church of St. Cuthbert for later distribution to the party.

Continuing on down the trail having seen the children's foot prints the group crossed over a tree which had fallen across the trail only to be set upon by a massive tangle of vines! The terrible tendrils smashed Alyssa to the floor leaving her bleeding and unconscious and then struck Conrad down to - after he delivered a mighty blow. Luckily Alranc and Riam were able to deal out huge amounts of punishment with greatsword and nunchuks respectively and Alranc was able to destroy the vine before it could do anymore damage.

At this point an old crone appeared, hideously deformed and hunched. She healed the worst of the adventurers wounds telling them they must come with her. She claimed that a pack of werewolves was hunting the heroes and that she could hide them from the pack! The heroes reluctantly agreed to follow her to her hovel. On the way there Anneta was bitten by a spider and after being given an antidote had to sleep off the effects in a cot in the hag's cellar. The hag explained that she helped the werewolves healing their wounds, etc., in exchange for being left alone. But the taking of the children had gone too far and she felt she had to act. She suggests that the heroes go to the werewolves lair while the creatures are away hunting them.

Suddenly there is a pounding at the door and a bestial voice calls for the hag to come let him in to tend to his wounds! The hag having given the group two silver daggers mimes cutting the beasts throat just before it bursts into the hovel! Alyssa disguises herself as a child, but this does little to blunt the werewolf's fury. The creature downs Alranc before anyone can act and then the heroes set at it making good use of the silver daggers! Alranc is healed by the hag, and though many more grievous wounds are sustained the already injured beast is felled when Alranc plunges his silver dagger into its eye!

XP: 300XP for Tanak, Alyssa, Annetta, Conrad, Alranc, Zuldan, and Riam
+250XP for Conrad, Alranc, and Tanak
+150XP for Alyssa

Treasure: 3 Cure Light Wounds Potions, Scroll of Inflict Light Wounds, 2 Silver Daggers, possibly money from Wolf pelts.

Session 3:

With the heroes badly injured they decided to trek back to Port Drambath and have the Church of St. Cuthbert send in some fit adventurers to save the children. The Church dispatched Uurgh a massive neanderthal barbarian, Lady Astaria a talented monk, and the elven ranger Severn. The three were lead to the hags hovel by the injured Alranc who then swiftly fled the forest to tend his wounds. The hag lead the heroes to the werewolves lair where they found the children guarded by a werewolf, and a wolf. Uugh and Astaria took on the werewolf in a savage combat, while Severn climbed up a small cliff to reach the children and battled with the wolf guarding them!

Severn was able to down the wolf with his two shortswords, but not before it injured him badly. Uugh's greatclub dealt two savage blows to the werewolf, but its unnatural hide protected it from the worst of the blows, while Astaria ducked, weaved, and dodged and attacked with a silver dagger provided by the hag! But the werewolf was a formidable beast and disabled Uurgh with a savage attack, sending the neanderthal fleeing and leaving Astaria along against it! By this time Severn was able to come to her aide hacking into the beast, but it savaged him to leaving him disabled! Severn backed off and Astaria tried to down the beast, with neither able to strike the other in the whirl of combat, then seeing his companion could not win alone Severn threw caution to the wind and attacked. The effort caused him to pass out, but his skillful blow disabled their foe! Furious the werewolf lunged and badly wounded Astaria, but collapsed in the process! Astaria finished him with her knife! Astaria then staunched Severn's bleeding, while Uugh went to the children and after they decided he was marginally preferable to a werewolf they clung to him. Alea asked for them to get her doll, revealing the location of the werewolves treasure, buried beneath a fake campfire. The adventurers found gold, mementos of the werewolves former lives, and silver weapons - obviously taken from previous werewolf hunters. They also discovered some potions of lesser vigor and were able to heal themselves. At this point the howls of the werewolf pack out hunting began to draw nearer! Severn, having twisted his ankle, told the others to go on without him and tried to reach the nearer dubious safety of the hag's hovel.

Uugh and Astaria made a desperate escape running through the forest, with the neanderthal leading the way. They broke free of the trees as twilight fell with the werewolves only a few hundred feet behind them! What followed was a desperate fighting withdrawl as the heroes battled to save the children and themselves racing for the watch tower located 1500 feet from the treeline. The werewolves came after them in a horde, but Uugh - now armed with a silver greatsword - slew two of their number. Then another two of the beasts were almost upon them, their peers having injured both Astaria and Uugh before they died. Another five of the beasts were close and more could be heard from the darkness! Astaria bravely held off two of the werewolves hurling alchemists fire and lashing out with silver as Uugh carried the children to safety in the tower. Finally the werewolves overwhelmed the heroic monk dragging her down and devouring her.

The neanderthal was greeted as a hero by the guardsmen and while the children slept was given as much ale as he could drink. In the morning Uugh, or Uncle Uugh, returned the children to their grateful mother, and was showered with kisses, and told he would be welcomed at their home forever. He returned to the Church of St. Cuthburt and was well rewarded for his efforts.

XP: 400XP for Uugh, Severn, and Astaria.
+1350xp for Uugh and Astaria, but Astaria died!

Treasure: For Severn 300gp, Chainshirt, Flawed Diamond. For Uugh 800gp, Geode, Chainshirt, Silver Greatsword, Picture of Heavyset Woman. For Astaria 300gp, MW Rapier, Silver Shortsword, Lockets, Locks of Hair - Astaria's treasure as well as all possessions taken by Werewolves.

Special: Uugh was bitten by a Werewolf during the course of this adventure. The Church of St. Cuthbert can automatically cure him if he wishes, he may begin taking the werewolf class levels available on the wizards website.


OR IS IT? You can request more adventures in the Widow Wood, even with the Werewolf pack specifically if you like. What will this defeat stir in the werewolves dark hearts. Has the hag survived their wrath? What will they resort to now this scheme to increase their numbers has been thwarted?

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