Water Dragon Inn

Located near the Docks in Port Drambath. Popular spot for sailors, pirates, merchants, and blue-collar workers in that District. Was directly connect to the base of the Veiled Society. However, after the Veiled Society were defeated and executed, the former base was confiscated by the Crew, and put up for sale to the general populace.

On February 16th, 2009 it was bought by Fredrick Uhsbane and Tyll Ellsin for 3000 gp, and are now the current owners of the inn and complex.


1. Water Dragon Inn Hall and general area, with stage
2. Preferred Customer Area
3. Robing Chamber
4. Living Quarters (4 large rooms)
5. Meeting Chamber
6. Main Entrance to the Adventurers guild
7. Passage way
8. Storage Vault, Hidden, Guarded

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