"Greetings and welcome" says the man sitting at the desk in the secured area of the Water Dragon Inn.
He recognizes you as you pull out your key.
"Go right ahead my friend." he says as you head over to the wall of chests and access yours.

((These chests are for your own stuff. Not for sharing. Only you can take or place stuff in your chest. These chests are chests of holding, magically connected to the vault by the Veiled Society to hide their wealth, the locks are mastercrafted magically protected abominations you can't pick…sorry thieves. Anyone can have a vault here, just tell a dm and create a link below. For magic items and gold make sure you have the gold on your sheet along with any items. Though not carrying them for backup reasons.)

(To be perfectly clear here, you can not take the chest of holding out of the room, you will die. You can not pick these locks, again you will die. The cost of renting the chest is automatically in the income stuff for the inn, so no need to actual pay per week unless tens changes it.)

Fredrick's Chest

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