Vander Croix

Vander's Character Sheet

Alignment: Lawful Good
Born in: Unknown
Race: Gnome
Class and Level: Cleric Level 1

Appearance: Short and stubby, Vander is a goblin, paler than most of his kind. He has a generous belly, but still manages to look unfed most of the time. Generally seen with his head in a book, few haver ever seen him smile. When they do, however, they see a guiltless soul, longing that everyone might have the same pure joy he has at that moment.

Personnality: Introverted and shy, Vander had only one friend to whom he clung, even to his fault. His lack of play with other children and lack of interaction with adults has led Vander to be almost child-like in his optimism. However, his study of the "human" condition, and prayers to his god have given him both a sense of purpose and wisdom beyond his short span of years.

Background: Orphaned as a baby, Vander grew up in the Church. Obviously, as a gnome he was largely ignored by the congregation and village. As Vander grew older, certain abilities began to emerge as his solitude and study were rewarded by his God. Finally, as his one friend lay dying from a fall that would kill most any man, Vander prayed with all of his might that his friend would be healed. Immediately, the wounds were gone, and Vander was soon to find himself cast out of his home of Clunder, running from the Red Hooks, and escaping to the Raven Marches

His "Land":
Raised in the lands of Siamness, a land where magic is unknown or abhorred and the country is ruled by the Council of Veras, a group of the largest churches. Knowledge equals power in Siamness, and the Council has all of the knowledge. Outsiders are infrequently welcomed, but are not turned away, provided they have a skill, trade, craft, or information to share. However, share too much information, and the Councils Red Hooks will come for you.

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