Uugh Uugh

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Race: Neanderthal
Class & Level: Barbarian 2
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Appearance: Like a dwarf crossed with an orc, with a human skin tone(white FYI), some the finest defining traits of the Neanderthals.

Personality: Let's put it bluntly, he's dumb, and as such, he talks in a third person and broken common, as a barbarian AND a Neanderthal he really cannot read, nor should others expect him too. He is a kind at heart(when not raging) if not a bit… odd(Neanderthal customs really DO NOT HELP outside the ice barrens), he is very absent headed, not noticing many details, and generally trusts most people as if a friend(if he deems them friend, if not you deal with his unending rage). Despite all his short comings, he really IS an unlikely hero.

Background: Uugh hails from the Ice Barrens, most Neanderthals name things after simple grunts, and are simple people. Uugh came to the mainland after his cultural practice to journey into the world at his "coming of age". Expectedly, Uugh is not the best navigator, he lead himself, while fishing in a river, he took a wrong(read: completely ignored the map and just went north) into the ocean; somehow making the journey(this was an oversight, abet a bit large, so I'm going to handwave this as lucky). Uugh sees this as an opportunity for his journey, to prove himself to his parents, his village, and his people.

I feel I can do better with this, but I'm going to have to flesh him out a bit more before I do that.

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