Undead Pests

Players: floragan, klee, mercy, karma, vander

After talking to a woman covered in blood running for her life, the adventurers went to her house to see what was going on. They went into the noble manor and went downstairs into a lair of some great evil. After fighting off hordes of undead, they finally found the liche that was controlling them all. The liche was actually the man of the house who had accidentally read a posessed book. The heros battled the liche and upon Klee seeing the liche's weakness, a gem, Vander destroyed it with a holy spell, sending the liche back to the nether world.

The heros found 4 rings, 3 were broken and sold for 1300 gold to each player.
each player recieved 2100 xp.
Floragan recieved 2400 xp.
Karma recieved 1700 xp.

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