The Veiled Society

Dates: 12th of February 2010
DM: Bill Bisco
Players: Zilpah, Alyssa, Pope, Frederick, Archadeus, Jacob, Mecedes Quicksilver

Summary: Political strife rages in Port Drambath as the City's prominent houses fight each other.

Session1: During a Procession during the Festival of Lucor (Independence Day for Port Drambath. 2 men from House Radu and 1 from House Torenscu fought in the street. The party knocked out both factions and went to bed for the night.

The next morning, the Noblewoman Thanato cried out for help because she believed demons were in her basement. The party investigated, found some rats, were attacked by zombies, and fell down a pit. Some kobolds asked for help from the party, and the party fell for it. As soon as the party helped hold the beams up, the kobolds dropped theirs and the party suffered falling debris, however all the kobolds were eventually slain. They found the dead body of Lucia Vorloi. Red hair was on her fingernails, and black pitch was on the ladder rungs nearby as well as the signet ring of House Torescu. Upon going up the ladder, a scene of violence was about with broken dishes, furniture and dripping blood. A swell of blood with the letters RAO, RAD, BAD, or BAO were on the floor. The party members figured this was a Lucia Vorloi's home. Outside the guards were contacted and brought to the scenes of carnage. The party members were recruited with a writ from the Crew to seek out those responsible for the murder.

An orator spoke charismatically to the peasant folk of the city, blaming the Torescu for the common man's problems and rioting began and the city Guard came in one Horseback to put down the riot. Upon noticing that the Orator had red hair, some of the party members dashed out to follow him. Meanwhile, the rest were confused as rioters and attacked by the guards on horseback. A chase ensued whereon the secret entrance to the Veiled Society was uncovered.

Some Veiled Society members were killed while many others ran away. Documents from Zweis Radu's study revealed the connection between the Veiled Society and the Radu, and upon being delivered to the Crew, all members of the Veiled Society and Radu house were branded traitors and sentenced to death.

Aftermath: Not all of the Veiled Society or the Radu is completely gone, and they are anxious at a chance to exact revenge on the meddling adventures who ruined their plans at the apex of victory. The marketplace has wrecked and looted due to the rioting. Rebuild efforts are taking place, but that will take time and money, and Port Drambath is currently considering avenues to raise the necessary revenue.

Rewards: 529 gp in gems for every party member except Alyssa. 929 gp for Allysa in gems. Several Masterwork Items confiscated by PCs. 2028 xp for all players

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