The Sunless Citadel

Date: 22nd of February 2010
DM: Bill Bisco
Players: Alyssa, Tyll, Frederick, Haehoth, Mecedes Quicksilver, Conrad, Liet, Vander Croix, Horace, Adwira Thea

Summary: The College of Necromancy is hiring a group of adventurers to track down a certain item in an abandoned fortress, and if they meet a certain individual to eliminate him

Responding to an poster looking for a search party to investigate The Sunless Citadel, a group of heroes meet up at the tavern "The Busted Anchor" to meet the owner of said poster, a roguish figure with fairly nondescriptive clothing. After a rather inuendous conversation, the roguish character leaves and walks to the Water Dragon inn, where another person joins him, and finally the group gets their quest. To travel to a fort, just north of the town, to retrieve an Artefact and meet up with a blue pants'd halfling at the city of Belthrane.

The red haired stranger hands over a map, showing the location of The Sunless Citadel and leaves. The group decides to leave immediately and arrives at the citadel after 3 days of travel. After a bit of bickering, Haehoth takes lead and checks the chasm for defenders, before dropping down a rope for the group to crawl down into the chasm. The group starts the descent down the staircase, with Haehoth and Mercy scouting ahead. After a short while, they spot a Dire Rats nest. Conrad sacrifices a great deal of food, to let the rest of his companions get safely past the rats nest. As they move down further, a scent of rot starts to fill the air, the further down they get. At long last, they reach the court yard of the citadel, which has evened out with the cavern floor. The party searches the first few rooms of the keep without luck, but then stumbles into a room with a kobold, draconic symbols on the walls, and a bust cage. The kobold says that he lost control of the dragon he was suppose to keep a watch of, but when asked about the lost halfling, he directs the party to their leader. She then asks the party to go down to the level below and retrieve their dragon, letting the party keep any treasure they find as a reward. Meepo, the Kobold from before, then leads the group down to the level below. After using the key to the lower level, the party is attacked by a Shambling Mound and two Kobold slaves. Conrad is once again on the recieving end and takes a heavy beat down before the group takes out the opponents. Moving further into the lair, the party finds an aggressive Gardener, summoning out a small army of twigs. After taking out this group of creatures, the group moves further into the ruins, finding a small alchemy lab, looking to dabble in necromatic matter. Moving on, into the courtyard beyond, the party finds a group of what looks to be necromancers and their minions, planting and reanimating trees and plants. Due to a badly planned spellcast, Vander gets noticed and the groups attack each other. The necromancer group is however quickly defeated, the head of the main objective is severed from the body and the whistle found.

The party moves out of the citadel, but gets into an argument of what would be the right thing to do. The party split up in two groups, one (Haehoth, Karesh, Jacob, Conrad and Horace.) heading to Belthrane to hand in the head of the head cleric and another (Fredrick, Vander and Tyll) going towards Port Drambath, lead by Fredrick, to hand in the whistle to the church of Pelor. At the church, Fredrick, Tyll and Vander has delivered the whistle to the high cleric, who casts dispel magic on the whistle only to be surprised that its magic was gone, the high priest of Pelor, Belgarde Delgado determines that the item probably had a magic aura cast on it to make it appear as if it radiated evil. . Meanwhile, the other party meets up with the contact at Belthrane and hands in the head of the dead cleric. The Halfling is pleased about the assassination, and says that the loss of that whistle is inconsequential as the true item is in safe keeping. He welcomes them as initiates at the college of necromancy, and warns them that they should probably leave Belthrane village, before something unfortunate might happen to it. They were also rewarded with 1000gp each, as well as 1000gp to share between them.

Exp reward:
1313 xp for Tyll, Jacob, Fredrick, Haehoth, Conrad, Horace, Alyssa (Karesh),Vander
1000 xp for Adwira Thea
300 xp for Mercedes Quicksilver

1000 gold for Jacob, Haehoth, Conrad, Horace, and Alyssa
500 extra gold for Jacob and Haehoth

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