The Rock

Characters: Haehoth, Mercy, Tyll, Fredrick, Sindri
Date: 2/19/2010

Our adventurers took part on a quest for a wizard, to return a lost/stolen crown. Along the way, they were ambushed by harpies, but defeated them quickly and then eradicated their nest and offspring. Next they were captured by changelings, where Fredrick was forced to duel their champion in an arena. After being tripped a few times, he dispatched them, and the entire party was freed.

The group saw a band of traveling gnomes pulling a boat in the middle of the desert. We told them where the ocean was, then gave them the idea about an airship. So they promptly turned around and pulled the ship home, where they are.

Our group crossed some kind of bridge where everyone had to pay an offering; everyone poured water over the edge, except Haehoth, whom relieved himself. We then came across a magician harpy who cast multiple spells, and then ran off when injured.

An illusionary rock was found, and inside statues of giants came to life in order to "test" the adventurers. They succeeded after sustaining heavy damage, and was given a choice between a crown and treasure. Haehoth(a gnome) walked up and let the crown be placed on his head. Goliaths came out of the wall and swore fealty. About this time, the wizard came in and requested the crown be turned over. The goliaths were his people he ruled over, and used the crown to force them to his will. The gnome (on a power trip) and Fredrick did not like this one bit, and the group promptly beat down the wizard with the help of the goliaths. The harpy that ran away earlier also managed to run away again, after his master died.

Haehoth now resides over the goliaths, but will continue to adventure with the group sometimes.

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