The Plague of Undeath

The adventurers were sent by the temple of pelor to clear the Criminal Graveyard of undead, of which the priest Deugard informed them of. They marched through the tombstones and crypts clearing an army of armored undead away from the Chapel that lay at the south eastern side of the cemetery. Once inside they noticed it was fairly empty, until Duegard announced that he only lured them there to kill them, as he raised a mass of dragon bones, to battle the adventurers, they tried their hardest to kill him, but his shield proved too much, and they focused on the dragon that was tearing through their ranks.

After a bloody and brutal battle, the group downed the mighty skeleton. Deugard lost his concentration and ran towards the bones, clearly upset, and was slammed bruttaly agaisnt the wall of the chapel with a pew by kleethorpes, and soon afterward killed by Fredrick. They then looted the place and made there way with the skull of the dragon as their trophey back to the temple, where they recounted the fight to alexander who gave them 2000 gold 1000 extra than promised due to the unaccounted for danger.

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