The Goblin King

Dates: 11th of February 2010
DM: Debo11
Players: Zilpah, Alysssa, Pope, Velmus Valed, Conrad, Frederick, Archadeus

Summary: A priest is seeking adventures to brave the northern forest, seeking out a tome guarded by a self proclaimed Goblin king. There is only one problem….the goblins are supposedly already dead.

A Priest of Pelor hired the party to dispatch some goblins that had bested a group of Paladins. Upon entering the cave, the Goblin King danced around insanely speaking that he is the goblin king. Eventually combat begun and the Goblin King summoned several skeletons to his aid. After shrugging off several attacks, the party members decided to attack the book he was holding instead. After a blow, the book starting spouting blood, indicating that it was alive. Both Book and Goblin were destroyed but not before decrying that the party was doomed.

The party returned to the Priest of Pelor, sharing the information about what had happened, and the party was rewarded. What the true origins of the book are, and how the goblin received it are uncertain.

Rewards: 450xp each

200 gp each, 2 potions of Cure Light Wounds.

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