Teki Nira Ria Inhabitants

Teki-nira-ria contains a variety of exotic creatures, including but not limited to: Dire Boars, Giant Horned Chameleon Lizards, Crocodiles, Insect Swarms, Giant Snakes, Giant Gecko Lizards, Stirges, and White Apes.

The Kara-Kara have approximately 200 members. During War-Time they can count on: 85 Males and 30 Giant Horned Chameleon Lizard Mounts to help fight

(February 21st 2010) Alyssa has paid the following experts to migrate to the island from Port Drambath in hopes to teach and supply the Kara-kara.

Misra - Carpenter
Grumbly - Smith/Miner
Canter - Mason
Alonzo and Carissa Cotton - Farmers

Work has begun around the village to clear space for the new comers and to prepare some flat area for fields. Alyssa has paired up interested kara-kara with the expert of there choice to become students of there skill.

Fortifications, improved buildings and storage, a mine, fields and needed irrigation along with livestock (undecided type), steel tools, spears and arrowheads. All planned to be completed by February 28th, 2010.

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