Teiki Nira Ria History

Long ago, Teki-nira-ria was inhabited by an ancient race of humanoids of skilled jewelers and artisans who created the temple built into the Volcano and several statues and works as a symbol of their legacy. At one point in time the ancient humanoids and the Kara-Kara both lived on the island. However, for whatever reason the ancient humanoids' civilization declined and dissappeared. Since then the Kara-Kara took up residence the in the ancient civilization's land and temples and worshipped their gods. Over the years, the Kara-Kara have forgotten that they are a separate people and now consider the ancient humanoids to be their ancestors.

January 2007: Anton Radu and his companions explore the island, and steal much treasure from the island including the Mist Pendant. Unknowingly, Anton activates the Mist Pendant upon his escape, animating several Kal-Maru by luck, the Kara-Kara cease their attacks and bow to Anton. Anton tells the Kara-Kara that he plans on returning one day, but will depart for now.

February 12th 2010: Cartha Radu takes the Mist Pendant from his deceased father, Anton Radu and escapes on his ship, the Kara-Mungo, to Teki-nira-ria and upon showing the Pendant, becomes their leader

February 15th 2010: A group of adventurers invade the island and defeat Cartha Radu and his cronies. Alyssa Highever takes the Mist Pendant and is now the leader of the the Kara-Kara and the Teki-nira-ria domain.

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