Supply and Demand

Jack Zilpah, and a conviently in the right place at the right time Floralag all were tasked to find a rare material called soarwood, by the gnomes to help build the airship they were working on. The group set out in search of this on a wagon provided by the gnomes, which Jack drove.

Before long the adventurers came upon an old couple with their wagon stuck, the insane blue orc jumped over to push the wagon out just trying to show off but failed, Jack and Zilpah then quickly devised a plan using a leaver to get the wagon out of the rut using the orc's huge amount of weight, despite some communication errors due to the orc being unable to speak. Unfortunatly the wheel was broken, and was repaired shortly by Jack. The couple thanked the group for this and mentioned something blocking out the sun at their farm.

Through some convicing the old couple told the group what had been happening and the group investigated, finding that the old couples farm was in ruins and their crops completly destroyed and dug up, Floralag decided he wanted to waller in the mud only to find that it was acidic as an Ankheg tore its way out of the dirt, only to be charged by Floralag, and slammed thrice before it attacked thanks to the group suprisng it, zilphas magic, and flora's initiative,but unfortunatly it wasn't enough and the bug slammed Floralag into the ground nocking him unconcious in one blow, and went after zil who missed. Thankfully Zilpah was able to cast a spell to kill the beast, while Jack was running away.

Upon further examination they found that the bug had made the farm into its personal nest, and the group quickly dispatched of its egg, before finding that what was blocking out the sun was infact a floating forest of soarwood up a hill floating harmlessly. The group began to give chase, with the insane orc urging the horses on to go faster, landing them safely on the floating forest. Unfortunatly for them the wind picked up, and both zilpah and Jack were knocked down, but a quick healing spell from Zil saved Jack, and they stabalized near a moutain side full of Goliaths.

The goliaths used their immense strngth to jump onto the forest with the group and through some diplomatic discussion the Goliaths helped the group get the soar wood to the ground, and where they could transport it in their wagon, which they returned it to the gnomes for 500 gold a person.

300 for the wagon encounter
300 for the Bug encounter
300 for the diplomacy encounter
300 for completing the objective

500 gp a player

Dm Mercy.

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