Welcome to the Raven Marches!

This is the official Wiki site for the Raven Marches Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition, using the virtual tabletop Traipse OpenRPG client which can be downloaded HERE. OpenRPG games will take place on the Blackstar Games server in the Raven Marches room. If you are interested in participating, be sure to apply here and post in the forums to introduce yourself and get yourself into a game!

Character and NPC descriptions, maps, and information on monsters, items and locations is available here. Before starting a new page, browse the list of pages or do a search to see if someone has already created an entry on the entity you would like to describe.

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About the campaign:
Raven Marches is designed to be a sandbox style game which is primarily concerned with fun. As such we will be using a relatively high point buy, aiming for relatively swift advancement, and allowing the majority of D&D 3.5 books.

1. There is a great deal to explore with both wilderness and urban settings to adventure in. There will be a few over arching plots which DMs will be encouraged to develop as well as single session quests.

3. There is no ongoing consistent playtime adventures will be arranged in the game planning forum.

4. If you have a question, use this page: Raven Marches Campaign Questions

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