Spellsword: Blood And Sand

Elven Lord, Teltharn Gawadyn had thought his son and heir Anoriel lost to raiders as they crossed the Red Desert, but now months later rumor has reached him of an elven warrior wielding blade and spell who has risen to become champion of the Gladiatorial Pits in Mortai - a small town made up largely of visiting desert nomads. Now Teltharn wishes to hire adventurers to save his son, but to do so they must enter the Pits themselves!

Fredrick paladin of Freedom, Vander cleric of Pelor, and Tyll bard and part time Inn Keeper answered the call. They traveled to the arena in Mortai and were each required to participate in single combat in order to win the right to take on the arenas champions. Lord Gawadyn had explained that the victor in the pits was granted a boon, and that only this could surely be used to free his son.

After defeating their foes the group faced the vile minotaur Thorgar the Childeater, who they dispatched handily after a few worrisome moments. They then faced the taciturn arena champion himself Anoriel of the Bloody Sands. After a hard fought battle in which Vander was downed, and Tyll and Fredrick both sorely injured, Frederick with the aide of his companions healing was able to defeat his magically enhanced foe. Fredrick then requested the elf as his boon and endured the mockery of Vorbo the arenas genie master to escape with the young elf and return him to the bosom of his family.

Lord Gawadyn rewarded the heroes richly and swore his life long appreciation, while Anoriel - still clearly damaged by his traumatic experiences asked them to take his armaments. The adventurers invited him to the Water Dragon inn, and his father promised to bring him along, he also agreed to visit Vander at the Temple of Pelor to see if the Church can show him something to live for…

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