The Raven Marches

Once a cold, barely inhabited land, the Great War sent refugees of all races down into the Marches. The Raven Marches are strange, harsh lands; untamed and dangerous. Nor is urban life safe, as many of the new citizens are desperate folk suspicious and fearful of their peers - life is cheap and death is cheaper (and cliches are free!).


Port Drambath is the largest of the Raven Marche's settlements, its population having been swollen by the influx of refugees from five to twenty thousand. It is for the most part a squalid place more shanty than town, with the poorer sections build next to, and often on, The Serpent Mire swamp.

Belthrane Village , located north of Port Drambath, contains the landmark of a sunken fortress now known as The Sunless Citadel

Well of Wishes , located between Belthrane Village and Port Drambath, has a surprise for those who drop a gold coin into it.

Goblin King Cave , located in the Great Gnarl Mountains, featured a Dark Secret.

Castle Caldwell , located on the coast southwest of Port Drambath that has been until recently, abandoned

Teki-nira-ria is an island to the Southwest of the Raven Marches, filled with jungles, swamps, and a tribe of fierce green-skinned creatures.

Mercy's Airship Located by the Water Dragon Inn, this airship in progress holds an eccletic amount of explosions and people.

Glitter Island aka Gnome Home An island of fey, gnomes have claimed a chunk of the island as their own. Currently quite dangerous as fey are very fickle creatures, but Mercy tries her best at negotiating with all the island.

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