Serpents In The Midst

Dates: 4th of February 2010, 10th of February 2010
Heroes: Daelun, Horamoros, Jacob, Zilpah

The recently formed Port Drambath Guard put a call out for adventurers and sellswords in an attempt to quell the rising gang problems fermenting in the Swampside Shanty. Some one hundred men answered the call and were split into twenty groups by virtue of randomly selecting tokens. Daelun the druid, Horamoros the rogue, Jacob the rogue, and Zilpah the archivist all received tokens marked with an 11. Former General now Guard Commander Thadius Varr informed the groups that they were to be given a specific task within Swampside and that they would receive 5gp for each gang tattoo they brought back…

Squad 11 were tasked with eliminating the Red Serpent gang and given a map to the gangs haunts. Arriving in the dismal collection of shacks build over the swamp they were spotted by children on the roof who hurled a snake in a crudely constructed wicker cage at them. Two surly thugs watched and laughed as they fought the viper, until Zilpah shot one. Then all hell broke loose with Red Serpent gang members coming from everywhere. Jacob jammed a door to keep one off while the group desperately fended off the thugs! Zilpah's healing magics had to revive unconscious party members more than once, but finally badly wounded and exhausted the heroes managed to down the last of seven thugs.

350xp each

40gp worth of gang marks, 48gp, a signal whistle ,8 shortswords, 14 daggers, 8 sets of Studded leather Armor, 1 potion of Healing, 4 scrolls of cure light wounds (1 used)

Session 2:
Heroes: Pandora, Ravanna, Tyll, Zilpah

Having answered the Guards call for adventurers to tackle the growing Swampside gang problems Ravanna the ranger, Tyll the bard, and Pandora the sorceress found themselves together in squad 12. Their task they were informed was to seek out a fence by the name of Vargas Krell whose purchases of stolen goods from the gangs had been driving their expansion into areas outside of Swampside. Squad 12 was to use the diversion created by squad 11 to find and capture or kill Krell who they were informed was meeting with the Red Serpent gang.

Arriving in the Red Serpents Swampside territory the group met up with squad 11 who were licking their wounds after a terrible clash with a veritable horde of gang members. Squad 11 decided that they had best retreat to tend their wounds all save the archivist Zilpah who offered his services to squad 12 who gladly accepted.

From the largest building the adventurers could hear the raucous sounds of drunken revelry and decided that their target would likely be within. Tyll disguised himself as a gang member, using the gear of some of those downed by squad 11 and entered the room. Inside his disguise completely fooled the five drunken gang members who readily accepted him as one of their own. The canny bard used this opportunity to lull his foes sense with a lullaby before his companions burst in weapons at the ready catching the thugs by surprise. At first things looked to be going all the heroes way, Ravanna downed a foeman easily, while Tyll inspired his allies. But then two of the enemy managed to stagger to their feet and flank the ranger while Zilpah faced off against another pair. Ravanna took a grievous wound and attempted to tumble away to extrecate herself, but she was not quick enough to avoid the blades of her foes and the rusty swords sent her down into a bloody pile on the filthy floor. Things went from bad to worse as the thugs proceeded to down Pandora and gravely injure Tyll.

But Zilpah downed her foes and used a potion to restore Ravanna while Tyll attempted to fend off the thugs. With Ravanna up again the party dispatched the last of their enemies and were victorious.

XP: 200 each.


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