character sheet

Alignment:Neutral Good

Taken as an egg, Saron was sold to a sorcerer who wished to study lizard kind. When he hatched, he took the old man to be his parent, and became attached to him in kind. As he grew, he became an earnest assistant, and the the sorcerer in turn became more attached to him, treating Saron like his own son.

Before reaching adolescence, the sorcerer's keep was attacked by a force of rampaging orcs. Despite his valiant efforts, Saron was struck down, and his mentor was killed. He survived, thanks to his kind's endurance, and buried the old man in the small guarden inside the keep.
Saron remained in the keep for a few more years to study, before finally setting out to find his calling.

Upon leaving the safety of the keep, Saron found himself in a world that discriminated, even persecuted. Despite this, he keeps a positive outlook, and tries to see the best in people.

His goals are to make the world a better place, and make his mentor proud.

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