Recent Events

February 4th, 2009: Port Drambath issues rewards for the slaying of Red Serpent Gang members.
February 12th, 2009: A riot broke out in the Grand Marketplace, many buildings were trashed and looted. A group of adventurers presented documents proving that the Radu and the Veiled society had a hand in a string of recent murders as well as the riot in the city. All Radu have been declared traitors and those caught have been executed.
February 13th, 2009: Port Drambath is assessing the damage to the Grand Market and making steps to rebuild
February 14th, 2009: The temple of Pelor busy with the injured, sent a few adventurers to a nearby village of Belthrane with some medicine to cure the plague there. The adventurers were a success.

  • Werewolves kidnap two children and take them into the Widow Wood killing their father! A brave band of adventurers recovers the children with the aide of a forest witch woman and one adventurer fends off the Werewolves so her companion can reach the safety of a Watchtower with the children!
  • The Watch put out a bounty on gang members and assembled a large force of adventurers to cull some of the gangs spilling out of the Swampside shanty town.
  • Rumor has it that snakemen are infiltrating Port Drambath with mind controlling leeches, most people believe this to be hokum.
  • A group of adventurers rescue a local nobleman's son from the Arena in the desert town Mortai.
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