Raven Marches Rules

Starting ECLs:

The starting ECL is always 1, unless you use one or more Reward Points (see below). This means no level adjusted races/templates unless you are cashing in a Reward point.

Reward Points:

A single reward point allows you to add 1 to the starting ECL of a new Raven Marches character. This allows you to either start with a higher level character, to select a level adjusted race/template - though all such level adjustments must be cleared with Tenser's Imp (that's me) via PM. You may spend as many reward points as you want at any one time, provided you have earned them.

Earning Reward Points:

You earn Reward Points in one of two ways.

  1. Get a character to 10th or 20th level.
  2. DM 10 sessions all of which must be of 3 hours or greater in duration and must be written up under the Adventures tab.

No Stealing from the party:

You may not steal from the party, whether they are aware of it or not. This includes stealing things which the party would have acquired had you not got their first, etc. Some examples below will, I hope, illustrate what is meant.

  • You may steal from an NPC, so long as it was not something the NPC was going to give the party, or which the DM deems of vital importance to the quest, etc. So filching the fat landlord's purse is perfectly permissable, stealing the sacred Holy Symbol of Whadjamacallim that the party just recovered and returned to the Temple of Pelor would be a no.
  • You may not while scouting ahead open a chest in a room before the party gets there and palm the choicest of the gems inside, or rather you may, but you must share them with the party, including the knowledge of them.

No Fighting with other Player Characters:

You may not fight other player character, unless both individuals and the DM agree to it.


In Raven Marches Psionics = Magic, Detect Magic and Detect Psionics are in essence the same power, Dispel Magic and Dispel Psionics work equally well against Magic or Psionics. Power Resistance and Spell Resistance are the same thing, etc. The only exceptions to this are those specifically called out in spell/power descriptions - mostly these restrictions are in Psionic Powers.

Polymorph Spells:

We will be using the RPGA ruling on polymorph, which basically means you cannot use the spells Alter Self, Polymorph, or Polymorph and Object, psionicists may not use the Metamorphasis power. You may use Spell Compendium, and Players handbook II polymorph spells - as they are far more balanced and easier for players and DMs to manage.

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