Raven Marches Campaign Questions

If you have any questions just edit this page and add your question. I will try to reply as quickly as possible.

1.) Can I have a second character?

Answer: Yes, though you cannot run two characters in the same adventure.

2.) How are Psionics being treated?

Answer: Using the Psionics is magic method. Dispel Magic works on psionics, spell resistance works against psionics, detect magics works on psionics, and all the psionic versions work on magic. However Spellcraft and Psicraft are different skills and someone with Spellcraft has no chance of using it on a Psionic effect, etc.

3.) Can I request things from outside of the allowed sources?

Answer: Yes you can, but expect the answer to be no to avoid disappointment. Please make such requests in a PM to Tensers imp (that's me) and you will receive a reply shortly. Generally mechanically weaker things have a better chance of being accepted so if something looks amazing then you are less likely to get it.

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