Ravanna Darktide

Ravanna Darktide:

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Ravanna is small, 4'7 and 94 pounds. Though her stature is small she is very strong and has remarkable agility. (she resembles an Olympic gymnast) She has medium length black hair that she decorates with raven feathers. Her eyes are deep green. Ravanna wears leather armor that has seen use, but is kept well. It is form fitting and she is comfortable wearing it. She often wears a hooded cloak. She keeps a rapier and dagger at her side and a crossbow strapped to her back. She also keeps 4-5 daggers in various spots on her person.

Ravanna is quiet and calculating. She feels more comfortable in the wild with animals. She dislikes cities and feels overwhelmed when faced with long stays away from nature. She is shy around new people. It is almost impossible for a person to gain her trust. She is fascinated with birds. (Ravens especially)

Ravanna was raised in a small wandering tribe of hunters. Though nomads they were educated. They preferred living off the land to city dwelling. She enjoyed living in the wild and was happy. When Ravanna turned 19 her tribe was attacked by a clan of orcs. They outnumbered her people by 10 to 1. They fought as best they could but were soon overrun. Ravanna was wounded but, she managed to escape. She came back to see if anyone survived and found only death. Ravanna vowed to avenge her tribes death. She followed the orc clan. Coming like a ghost in the night, killing them any chance she could. She has tracked them to the area surrounding Raven Marches and continues her hunt in the wilds near the city.



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