Prominent Families

The following are prominent families that vie for power in Port Drambath. They have resources and influence to sway the ruling council in their favor.



The Toresncu used to be a powerful faction, but the death of their leader, Cristoph Torenscu has weakened them. The current leader is Aleksandar, a boy of 18 years. Due to internal squabbles, between Aleksandar and his uncle Boris, they have lost much of their influence. However, the Torenscu have a great deal of political influence and discreet control of "The Hill" the noble district of town. Their allies include Lady Magda Yaros and Lord Dimitros, self-styled prince of beggars, both are on the Ruling Council. The Torenscu hope to control the sale of common goods and services so that they can uniformly raise prices later.



The Vorloi are considered an upstart by the other factions by refusing to fit with the political mold of the others. The leader is Baron Vorloi, known as an accomplished deal-maker, maintains a fleet of merchant ships that apparently have suffered no pirate attacks unlike the other factions. The Vorloi are very private, often wishing to be left alone. The Vorloi wish to gain more power and trade concessions from the ruling council by preventing other factions from achieving their goals and silencing the Vorloi's own bad news. Other members include the Baron's daughter Marianna Miskel and Admiral Hyraksos, and Grygori Vorloi, the Baron's inept son.



The Radu family was known for its expertise in Ship-building and Import and Export of Exotic Goods. The Radu had influence in many cities, but had only recently begun to wield control in Port Drambrath. The local Radu leader, Anton Radu was slain by his son Zweis in an attempted coup for power. However, Zweis was defeated and all Radu documents were confiscated and presented to the council, proving that the Radu were the force behind the Veiled Society. All Radu have been declared traitors and those caught have been executed.

What members remain of this family surely wish to exact revenge on the group of adventurers that interrupted their plans.

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