Order Of The Lion Guards

A knightly order created by Lord Fredrick Usbane, paladin of freedom and Lord Conrad.

The order was formed to protect and ensure peace for all the surrounding lands and Port Drambreth.

Colors:: Purple and Gold.
Crest:: Golden Lion Head

1. No order member shall have or hold public office within Port Drambreth. It is our place to serve the people in our own way, not at the beak and call of any one government or kingdom.

2. We protect the poor and innocent. Those that need protecting.

3. We respect the law, but are not bound by it in any form. If an act is ultimately good and pure, then that is our path. Hopefully full of beautiful women.

4. The code of each member is as follows: Be kind, be generous, protect the innocent. Our path is good, our path is freedom, freedom to grow and become. To protect others, so they can grow and become. These are my duties.

5. Order Heiarchy
Commanding Officers: (Lord)
Lord Fredrick Usbane, Lord Conrad Voltaire




Guardsman (any class)

Location Map of the Order Property. Located in South Port, right outside the city walls.

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