Commander Alexander of the paladins staying at the Temple of Pelor has sent out messengers to contact adventurers for a quest.

Dear Adventurer,
I am well aware of your recent activities in aiding the town and even those outside of town. You have survived what many could not. I am very impressed with your dealings of the Veiled Society. They are an evil plague upon our lands. Having proven yourself to the town many times, I must ask for you help brave adventureer. Please come to my chambers tommorrow morning at mid morning (10:00am.) I can not divulge the mission here, but I can promise you 1000 gold as payment for aiding me once again. May Heironous protect you.

Commander Alexander Paladin of Heironus

We will start in Alexander's chamber/office tomorrow night at 7pm EST. Try not to be late, but if you are, you know I have an open policy for around 30 minutes that you could join. ((those that didn't post they would run late))

((OOP this will be a little hvy rp though there are some encounters.))

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