Necessary Evils

Adventurers: Tyll, Alyssa, Haehoth, Adwira, Uggh, Mercy

Commander Alexander of the paladins staying at the Temple of Pelor has sent out messengers to contact adventurers for a quest.

Dear Adventurer,
I am well aware of your recent activities in aiding the town and even those outside of town. You have survived what many could not. I am very impressed with your dealings of the Veiled Society. They are an evil plague upon our lands. Having proven yourself to the town many times, I must ask for you help brave adventureer. Please come to my chambers tommorrow morning at mid morning (10:00am.) I can not divulge the mission here, but I can promise you 1000 gold as payment for aiding me once again. May Heironous protect you.

Commander Alexander Paladin of Heironus

The adventurers made it to Alexander's office where he told the party of the water shortage in town caused by the rioting and fires. The party was told they had a contact to met at the Broken Anchor named Thatius who new there whereabouts of the artifact known as the water jewel.
The party left for the Broken Anchor finding Thatius drunk nearly passed out at the bar. After another ale and some discussion, Thatius agreed to take the party to the theives guild, as the entire party was black bagged and woke up to find themselves in the presence of the thieves guild master. He proposed for the party to fight his 3 champions, in which Tyll, Mercy, and the paladin escort Devlon defeated his champions. Angering the thieve's guild master, the party feel to sleeping gas and woke up outside the Broken Anchor with a map.

Following the map, the party crossed a bridge in the northern forest and was met by a large group of earth and fire mephits. Taking the large group out the party made their way underground.

As they entered a large room, they party saw the jewel, but before they could do anything a huge ancient water elemental appeared, who was guarding the jewel. It spoke, confused as to why people were in his lair when Tyll used his barbic knowledge, and appeased the water elemental by telling him there were water domain clerics at the Temple of Pelor. Intrested the ancient water elemental called forth a huge surge of water transporting everyone into the Temple of Pelor's main area. Terrifying the clerics the paladins and others entered into the hall seeing the adventures recovering from the water transport and the water elemental agreed to help the town as he was lead way by the water clerics.

Alexander was so impressed that the party saved the ancient elemental, that he paid them 2000 gd instead of the offered 1000 gd.

gd: 2500

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