Merciful Meanderings Pickup Sticks

Date: 13th of February 2010
DM: Choco
Players: Alyssa, Urist McShasad, Malric, Conrad, Tyll

10:10 PM saturday

The group was hired by the clerics of Pelor who were busy healing the sick and injured from the recent riots to deliver medication to the plague infested village a few days away. They set out with a wagon, a few horse, a dwarf driver, and courage in their hearts.

Meeting some vagrants of various villany a few times as well as a defunct wishing well, the group performed admirably and defeated any foes in their way… Even rescuing the first set of bandits from death to be put on trial (awarded 100 gp for each bandit). It culminated in a fight with a member of some secret society (plothook for another adventure) who was looking to test their new spell on the populace of Belthrane. After his death, and searching his robes, the group will find out more information about the plague and cures for it, effectively rendering it useless for this adventure.

The heroes return victorious from their errand of mercy, the villagers will praise them as heroes, even though it is a minor task in the overall big hub of the sprawling metropolis. Well the priest at least is grateful for the delivery, and…

The following is award to the PCs that attended:
500 quest XP + 748 encounter XP = 1248 xp total.

If you had any unused action points (session based only), it'll equal 50 xp per leftover point.

Items: (in addition to the earlier bandits, last fight only + temple awards)
Masterwork Shortbow x2 (330 gp each or 660), 33 arrows (1.13 gp), Scroll of Enlarge person (25 gp), Scroll of Expeditious Retreat (25 gp), Masterwork Chain shirt x2 (250 gp each), Darkwood heavy shield x2 (257 gp each), Masterwork Longsword x2 (315 gp each, or 630) , Daggers x4 (2 gp each, or 8), Masterwork shortsword x2 (310 gp each, or 620), 5 potions of cure light wounds (50 gp each, or 250), Wand of Benign Transposition (5 charges) (75 gp), 5 pearls worth 100 gp each, 3 spell component pouches (5 gp each), 5 rubber balls (1 gp each, or 5), 10 antitoxins (50 gp each, or 500), 3 flasks of alchemy fire (20 gp each, or 60), 3 flasks of acid (10 gp each, or 30), 1 set of masterwork thief tools (100 gp). 100' of silk rope (20 gp), 4 backpacks (8 gp), 4 cold weather outfits (32 gp), 1 noble outfit (75 gp)

900 gp to each PC from temple.
568 gp in gems/platinum/other coinage.

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