Merchants And Shops

Ulrik's Fine Armor: Dwarven Smithy specializing in heavy armor, including those in Races of Stone, etc. Located in the old town near the docks in a large underground structure.

The Brotherhood of the Cowl: Powerful group of Arcanist and Psionicists originally from Denab now accepting members from anywhere capable of using spells/powers of the third tier (3rd level spells). Provide spell casting services, magic items, magic item creation, psionic item, etc. Noted for providing the popular Second Chancer's Bands which allow them to sense when a wearer dies and teleport in to cast a revivify spell saving the owner from death with no decrease in power. Located - for the most part - in an old lighthouse.

Thestin's Magical Merchendise: Gnome Maester who can create magical items far more quickly than anyone else in the city and employs a number of shockingly beautiful staff of all races to encourage his rich clientele to be free with their platinum.

The Sullen Serpent: A beached behemoth of a ship which while no longer sea worthy serves as the base for the enterprising Pirate/Fence Gillam Deal. Here stolen goods are bought and sold, and Deal will even act as the middle man to arrange the borrowing of specialist items on a permanent basis.

Nanny Grow: Port Drambath's most prominent - if not powerful - Druid nanny Grow sells potions, talismans and deals in the acquisition of certain exotic mounts and the like - though you had better not mistreat them if you buy a beast from Nanny.

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