Mercedes Quicksilver

Mercedes Quicksilver
aliases: Mercy, Mercury, Mercifully Quick
Motto: "Jack be nimble, Jack be quick… Sorry Jack, better hit the road, since I'm here."

General: The fantasy version of the Flash, this xeph turned adventurer cracks jokes, taunts her enemies, and moves quickly along with multiple attacks or eventually actions. She's a risk taker in the end though, so leaving her land of eternal darkness perched on the edge of limbo was an easy decision. Style, speed, and super-wit are the name for this slim lass of skill.

Motivation: Mercy is adventuring to help her kids pay for various tuition fees for school or the like. She fancies herself a professional treasure hunter with her various skills, but more than that, a mother providing for her children in today's harsh economy. (I mean, when the average commoner earns 1 copper piece a day… who wouldn't want to adventure for money?) Still, the debts are rather high for this mother turned adventurer so that may mean bill collectors will chase her down to make her pay it back or the like.

History: Not all of the debt of Mercy is from her children, an abusive, drunk, and chauvinist husband making her life miserable was just a little bit of the trials and tribulations Mercy had endured. When her last child of a set of 4, was miscarried due to her husband's antics, she made a plan and vow to escape the bonds of 'holy' matrimony… After her kids had been properly setup in their various schools, she forged the divorce papers, testified as her disguised husband, and got it all approved… And of course, then ran off like the wind to be what she is currently now.

*Aid another Raven[1d20+8] vs dc 10: +2 on next rolls.
*Javelin +Insight [1d20+6+5] If hit [1d6+5]
*Large Crossbow + Insight [1d20+5+5] dmg [2d8+5]
*Greatsword + Insight [1d20+4+5] If Hit [2d6]
*Greatsword + Insight [1d20+4+5] If Hit [2d6+5]
*Heavy Warhorse- Auto, Ride [1d20+10] <br> Hoof 1d20+6+5] Dmg [1d6+4] <br> Hoof 1d20+6+5] Dmg [1d6+4] <br> Bite [1d20+1] Dmg [1d4+2]
*Dire Badger- Handle Animal (Move action) [1d20+3] vs dc 10 <br> Claw [1d20+4] Dmg [1d4+1] <br> Claw [1d20+4] Dmg [1d4+1] <br> Bite [1d20-1] Dmg [1d6+1]


(Market Value) (Items)
945 gp Masterwork Longswords*3
200 gp heavy Crossbows*4
20 gp shortswords*2
2000 gp Basic Arrow trap*1
1 gp Arrows (20)
3.5 gp Bolts (35)

3169.5 / 2 (for selling) = 1584.75 gp

*Note: I didn't think the trap would be worth so much, but did bother to pry it loose since I wanted to use it as a ranged weapon, so I'll gladly just sell it for less since it is a bit high as a market price.

*Also if allowed, I'd go back for that fire trap.

539 gp from adventure + 584.75 (assuming no trap sold yet) = 1123.75 gp +.95 gp left over from creation=

1124.7 gp total.

50 gp Artisan Tools (Alchemy)
115 gp Dire Badger Mount (RoS) 8 gp/month upkeep
-Tricks: Attack any (2), Heel, Perform (Burrow to direction indicated) (All said in Xeph nonsense words only in a singing tone)
8 gp Saddlebags
20 gp Collapsible pole, 8 lbs
10 gp Rubber ball x10
100 gp Masterwork Thief tools, 1 lb
20 gp Superior Hacksaw, Ignored metal hardness, 1 dmg per 2 rds
0.2 gp 100' twine
0.8 gp Listening Cone (DC +2 for doors, not 5, DC +5 for walls, not 15)
1 gp Crowbar, 5 lbs
265 gp Masterwork Buckler with Wand Chamber
50 gp Tobin's Guide to Common Magicks (UMD +2 Masterwork tools)
50 gp Pet treats bag (Handle Animal +2 masterwork tools)
100 gp A pair of bifocals (Search/Spot +2 masterwork tools)
75 gp [5-5] Wand of Cure Light (5 charges)
75 gp [5] Wand of Lesser Vigor (5 charges)
50 gp Blessed Bandages x5

*more to come*

60 gp [10] Lockslick (Dun, 30): +2 open locks, disable, for things with mechanical parts.
10 gp [3] Acid
50 gp [3] Antitoxin
16.7 gp Acid Neutralizer (1)
20 gp Alchemist's Fire (3)

1124.7-above =

93 gp
-4 gp Cold Iron dagger
-22 gp silver dagger
-8 gp glaive
-5 gp javelin x5

1054 gp Leftover + trap gp
-100 gp Lesser restoration scroll x4
-5 gp waterskin x5
-0.1 gp 10 torches
+100 gp (wrong greatsword)
-100 gp Familiar ritual
+3569 gp (Bill's adventure)

4517.9 gp left.
-600 gp wand bracer x2
-150 gp [10] Wand of expeditious retreat, swift
-75 gp [5-4] Wand of Shield, +4 AC, 1 min
-150 gp [10-5] Wand of Fist of stone
-75 gp [5] Dorje of Matter agitation
-150 gp [10] Dorje of Minor Creation
-150 gp [10-1] Wand of Grease
-75 gp [5] Wand of Surefoot, +10 competence to balance, climb, jump, tumble. No loss of Dex when balancing/climbing.
-150 gp [10] Wand of Aspect of the Wolf, Str 13, Dex/Con15, Lowlight/Scent, 50 land speed, Bite [1d6+1], Nat +2, Trip attack.
-75 gp [5-1] Wand of Lay of the Land, 10 mile radius map
-75 gp [5] Wand of Benign Transposition
-75 gp [5-1] Wand of Snake's Swiftness
-150 gp [10-2] Wand of Blade's of Fire, Swift, 1 rd duration, +1d8 fire dmg for up 2 weapons wielded.
-100 gp Wandchamber for Masterwork Greatsword with above
-320 gp Tiny arrows of Spellstoring x2: Heroism x2, CL 4 Cast by Tyll
-50 gp Masterwork manacles
-200 gp amazing lock
-50 gp Masterwork manacles, small
-100 gp Masterwork manacles, Large

2347.9 gp left
+2500 (Debo's adventure)
or 4847.9 gp total
-1000 gp Headband of Int +1
-1100 gp Mithril Chain Shirt
+1060 gp (bill's)
+300 gp (sold) Wand chambers x2
-1800 gp Efficient Quiver

2307.9 gp left.
-120 gp Adamantine Arrows x2
-1110 gp Masterwork Darkwood Large Heavy Repeater Crossbow + 50 bolts, Half weight
-100 gp Wandchamber on crossbow
-150 gp [10-4] Wand of Master's Touch
-170 gp Lightwarhorse + saddle
-8 gp Lance
-50 gp Riding boots (+2 ride, masterwork tools)
-50 gp used up antitoxin refill (above)
-75 gp [5] Wand of Cure light on Raven UMD [1d20+8] vs dc 20
-100 gp Masterwork tool UMD for raven/Mercy
-40 gp [2] Nets
-75 gp [5] Wand of Endure Elements
-75 gp [10] Wand of Create Water
+1300 2-27 adventure (Fred)
-1950 gp (800 town, 345 gnome wage, 345 gnome ship passage, 280 mining, 280 farming stuff)
+1000 Vander profit (-160 xp)
+3000 Albrion Jewel

3534.9 gp

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