Liet Malavorn
Race: Whisper Gnome
Class/Lvl: Soul Knife 1
Alignment: LE

Appearance: Pale as bleached parchment, with deep blue eyes, and a pale blond head of hair. Eyes dart side to side as he squints to see the world around him… a life underground has not been kind to his vision.
Personality: Fighters worship their swords and bows, mages their spells, clerics their gods… they are all fools. A true man knows his mind is his greatest weapon, and Liet uses his to kill anything in his way.
Background: Banished from his underground village is an early age for… certain misunderstandings, Liet learned quickly the surface is a world of fools to be exploited, allies to be taken advantage of, and enemies to be slaughtered.

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