Kleethorpes The Magnificent

Kleethorpes the Magnificent

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Race: Human
Class: Psion (Kineticist) 5
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 64


Grandfatherly fellow with a tenuous grip on sanity and a passion for explosions!

Appearance: A scrawny old fellow with a flowing white beard down to his knobbly knees and a pair of shaggy overgrown eyebrows. A pair of piercing blue eyes sparkling with mirth peek out from under the impressive eyebrows surrounded by a multitude of laughter lines, and he is nearly always smiling. Kleethorpes wears a set of disheveled oft patched robes and most notably a battered and now shapeless wide-brimmed hat covered in embroidered shapes, which he claims are "eldritch symbols", but which look suspiciously like daffodils.

Personality: Kleethorpes is a man utterly at peace with the world and his role in it, he takes great joy in the little things in life - especially in blowing up the little and big things in life. He loves people and company and especially children who he can dazzle and entertain with his powers. As a caring person he is always willing to step in and lend a helping hand.

Background Kleethorpes parents were powerful Psions, heroes and leaders of their people back in his homeland of Denab. Kleethorpes manifested psionic powers early and fully intended to follow in their footsteps. However, when he was seventeen his father died while adventuring and his mother begged him not to engage in the same dangerous life style. Kleethorpes told his mother that he had to live his life and that he wanted to help people and live the kind of exciting life his parents had enjoyed. Six months later he found himself married with a child on the way and working as a clerk… It is hard to live your own life when your mother is a powerful telepath…

But to his surprise Kleethorpes found he loved his new life, he fell head over heels in love with his wife Lily and the two proceeded to have nine healthy children. His powers were largely forgotten as he and Lily raised the children, then had grand children and so on. Then the family had to flee from the Grat War and Lily, frail in her old age, passed away during the tortuous crossing of the Red Desert. Kleethorpes was deeply upset, and grieved long and hard for the love of his life, but knew Lily would want him to go on living. Now Kleethorpes has decided to take up the path of the adventurer he forsook in his youth and develop his powers.

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