Karma Cooper

Karma Cooper

Race: Human
Class & Level: Beguiler 4
Alignment: neutral good

Appearance: By delicacy of curvature of 33/25/33, She proves herself to be quite the quiet and eccentrically dressed female. Her flowing long brown hair of locks cascading down from her scalp in curls and waves while bearing a rather odd looking blue cap of sorts atop her crown. Her delicious blue eyes staring away into the view of appearance with the well cladded silk and leather almost noble of appearance on her trim fit body. Her dainty hand bearing a rather strange ring with a picture of a hook on the signet.

Personality: Karma isn't one to be bound by a specific personality per say. Being in the build and ability of her own craft, she is often able to take on a few other personalities in mind. However, her own true personality is one thing, simply vixenous and mysterious. She acts in knowledge upon situations at hand, while casual and aloof with her thoughts in process. But when a situation calls for proper thinking, her mind goes into the depths of her intelligence and spreading out a mental note of possibilities that portray in front of her. She does, however, harbor a compelling care of her brother, slick, often unleaving of his side in many occasions.

Background: Her past is anything but ordinary in the tendency of filling out the fullness of her background. Like anyone else without a family, her only memories lay of the streets of a small town far off called monrow. From there, she took on the silent guise of a simple thief trying to survive on her own wits end with who knows how many situations of nearly being hurt. It wasn't till she ran into the agile acrobatics of her soon to be brother, slick, slipping his way through with great guile during her run from an assortment of guards, and finally managing with the two of them towards the last place that would even figure them there. This place, however, would be where slick had brought her to from where he lives. That place, in question, was the orphanage. Sure she didn't fit in well enough at first, but friends within kept her at least happy enough for a short time. Slick often went on about many a thing with his capabilities, and often aiming to be a great thief some day. It wasn't long till the two were old enough to leave the orphanage on their own, and take on the world itself towards exploring the vastness of the land, and finding their best of opportunities together.

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