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Race: Human
Class & Level: Rogue 2 / Swashbuckler 2 (Pirate)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Player: FifthWheel

Appearance: Jacob is a scruffy looking young man who might come off as a fairly handsome guy if he were to clean himself up. He is just under six feet tall and looks to weight around 170 lbs. He has jet black hair that comes down to his shoulders and seems to be a bit dirty; deep black eyes that seem cold and calculating and perhaps even hiding some deep secret behind them. His skin tone is rather tan, obviously someone who works outdoors in the open sunlight. He wears leather armor and has a rapier on his left hip and a kukri tucked into the front right of his belt, as well as a dagger in his left and right boot. There is a hand crossbow in a holster on his right thigh and a small pouch on his left thigh that holds 10 bolts. He also has a backpack that seems to be almost empty.

Personality: Jacob is a contemptuous individual and can be a bit of a hot-head. His primary concerns in life is that of his personal freedom and the acquisition of wealth, and some day a sailing ship of his own to command. He has a pessimistic outlook of life and is cynical and sarcastic, believing that all people are only motivated by selfishness and greed. Besides being a "Free Spirit", he is also a reserved and secretive individual, not liking to talk much to people, especially those who ask too many questions.

Background: Jacob was born a bastard son to a slave whore 19 years ago in the port city of Dragonport in the Kingdom of Elbran. He never knew his biological mother however. He was told, when he was older, that she had died giving birth to him. He was raised by four other slave whores all belonging to the same master. Since he was born from a slave he also was born into servitude of this same master. This master who went by the name of Vito Pirelli, was a greedy and selfish person and a small time wanna-be crime boss.

Around the time that Jacob turned five, Vito put him to work, thus sending him on the path of a career criminal. Jacob started off by begging and coning people into giving him coins. Then as he got older he learned the art of "Sleight of Hand" by shoplifting and cutting purses of the unwary. Eventually this petty stealing progressed into full fledged burglary. Just a few months before his seventeenth birthday, Jacob had pressed his luck. Vito had sent him on a mission to burglarize a fairly affluent aristocrats home. The burglary failed miserably and Jacob was almost caught. The aristocrat and his two bodyguards did manage to get a good look at Jacob before he escaped. Vito was concerned that this positive identification of Jacob would lead the authorities to himself and his little crime ring. He decided that he needed to get Jacob out of the city for awhile until things cooled off. So he called in a favor from a merchant/smuggler captain to take Jacob on as a crewmember.

This was the first time that he was ever allowed to leave the city. This new found freedom had changed Jacob forever. He stayed on as a crewmember and away from the city for about a year. During this time he learned much about sailing, including a smattering of geography. Jacob realized during that year that sailing was in his blood, it was the only thing that really made him happy. He made a vow to himself that one day he would be the captain of his own ship, free to come and go as he pleased. But alas all good things come to an end and Jacob was returned to Dragonport after a year of being away.

As he disembarked from the ship Jacob could tell that things were different in the city. Cargoes from the ships were being scrutinized more heavily by the authorities, there were more of the cities guards out on patrol, the patrols were larger etc. But one good thing that he noticed was that his little vacation away from the city worked. The wanted posters of him were either gone or covered over by more recent news regarding the war. Jacob paid little regard to all the activity going on and made his way to his home. When he arrived there he found Clarissa, Fiora, Viola, and Natalia, his four mothers, all beaten to various degrees. Natalia was beaten the worse and was in bed still recovering. Jacob questioned them as to what happened. They explained that it was Vito who did it to them, but it was thier fault for not making enough money. Jacob was furious and swore revenge for the women. He grabbed a knife and went looking for Vito. He found Vito in his favorite tavern getting drunk with his three bodyguards. Jacob casualy approached Vito from behind and drove the knife deep into Vito's side killing him almost instantly. Before the drunken guards could react, Jacob took off out of the tavern and headed to the docks. From there he managed to find a pirate captain preparing to set off for more plunder. Jacob was able to convince the captain to take him on as a crewmember. A few hours later the ship left port and that was the last time Jacob would see the city.

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