Jack Wrenchino


Race: Human
Class & Level: Wizard 1
Alignment: neutral

Appearance: Almost from the islands, he seems to wear the apparel of flamboyant coloration of a simple shirt and pants that decorate in odd patterns of palm trees and some tropical images. His overalls coating over in an artisans outfitting with brown heavy thick leather gloving. with it, comes his apparent black skin of nature and flowing up to the youthfulness of his appearance. His hair is braided and permed into odd dreadlock motions dangling from his scalp.

Personality: Jack is a coward, plain and simple. when he runs into an obvious fight with someone who might be the one to deal a harsh damage to him, he basically turns the other way, and runs like fucking hell. he's a person intrigued by the fineness of anything that is of build or make, including what gnomes themselves build in their spare time out of interest. If anything, the only thing that makes him gulp his cowardice is magic possibilities, money, or the idea that he'll get some new inventive ideas out of his intentions. Otherwise no fighting, no sneaking, no delving, no bravery, nothing but a fragile body that looks ready to go kaput on the wrong push.

Background: He grew up like a normal person would otherwise. His background is bland to the point where he would be nothing but a background person in any scene. His best attention was magic though, and taking up the view of various psells that look like they could have some sort of scientifical build to them that no others would. However, his only attentiveness lays upon the fact of his belief in the ideal of artistry in craft and machinery. It took him a while to take on the time of earning enough finance for education, but he managed to find himself a great spot to start his learning, as well as times where he can properly take on the field expertise of finalizing a chance that he can become a great inventor.

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