The Port's primary industries have traditionally been whaling and piracy, but along with the influx of new arrivals the Port has acquired just the faintest veneer of respectability. It is governed by an elected council, of twenty one, known as The Crew, where 1gp paid into the town's coffers equals one vote. As such the council known as The Crew is an exceedingly odd combination of nobles and merchants who fled the Great War - and managed to bring their wealth with them - and Pirate Captains. Elections are held annually and the "Crewman" who receives the most votes is elected "Mate". The Mate calls to order and directs The Crew's meetings, but his vote only carries more weight if their is a tied vote - meaning at least one Crewman has abstained or is not present.

The current mate is Whaler/Pirate King Vance Bloodeye, he is a bear of a man named for his right eye which filled with blood after a long ago blow to the head. Bloodeye is a respected and shrewd man who for the moment has managed to keep the pirates and Nobles in line so the town can function.

The next election takes place in two months. (Of in game time)

Current Members of the Crew:

1. Vance Bloodeye

2. Lord Dimitros

3. Lady Magda

4. Malmir

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