Glitter Island
2 Mineral and 1 vegetable (technically you could say 1 more animal as brownies… But brownies don't appreciate being eaten, unless they're the baked kind.)

The fey infested island is rich in resources, opportunities, and danger all at once. Its about a day's travel on ship from the Port to here.


Gnome Home
The budding civilization of Gnome Home is very small and rural currently. Still, the gnomes labor away, making their home livable and are generally friendly to anyone that comes up, but will of course, politely, deny citizenship to non-gnomes currently…. Its there place after all, but only a portion of this island.


The Fey Forest
Mercy has only personally met a couple of the denizens of the island besides a hostile hag. The pixies and jermalaine, one jokesters, the other surly and greedy, are not necessarily kind to each other but at least she has a tentative truce with them.

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