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For in character, but out of adventure business. From play-by-post RP between adventures, discussing division of spoils, or plans for the enxt session, to purchases made outside adventures in Port Drambath and beyond.
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First Come first serve. Make a post to claim one item, then wait for others to claim an item.
by: Bill BiscoBill Bisco
05 Mar 2010 22:41
5 by Bill BiscoBill Bisco
06 Mar 2010 06:37 Jump!
Mercy's custom crafting is now open for business. You want something made? I'll make it for you darlin' at a discount.
by: QuicksilverQuicksilver
01 Mar 2010 06:19
6 by QuicksilverQuicksilver
02 Mar 2010 19:35 Jump!
Martial organization based in Port Damebram. Founded by Fredrick and Conrad
by: debo11debo11
01 Mar 2010 05:38
Detailing her conquests and such.
by: QuicksilverQuicksilver
26 Feb 2010 19:06
13 by QuicksilverQuicksilver
01 Mar 2010 05:38 Jump!
A dominion given to Vander by Pelor, for the glory of his church.
by: NarniaBlueNarniaBlue
28 Feb 2010 02:55
2 by NarniaBlueNarniaBlue
01 Mar 2010 00:39 Jump!
Please post here when you buy items outside of an adventure. You may buy items of up to 5000gp from any of the available books.
by: Tensers ImpTensers Imp
13 Feb 2010 15:16
56 by debo11debo11
26 Feb 2010 18:31 Jump!
Thread for those who played to interact with Pop's and other related issues dealing with this adventure.
by: webdemon83webdemon83
25 Feb 2010 01:04
3 by Tensers ImpTensers Imp
25 Feb 2010 22:24 Jump!
A gnome's story. Discussion about the goliath and their peoples.
by: AcidicAcidic
20 Feb 2010 06:11
3 by QuicksilverQuicksilver
21 Feb 2010 00:01 Jump!
How Fredrick got Freedom.
by: debo11debo11
19 Feb 2010 20:02
Fredrick's discussion with Commander Alexander about his honor being besimirched by Alyssa.
by: debo11debo11
18 Feb 2010 19:15
7 by debo11debo11
19 Feb 2010 17:53 Jump!
The Water Dragon Inn and Adventures Guild has been founded by Tyll and Fredrick buying up the old Veiled Society base. All newcomers and adventurers welcome.
by: debo11debo11
17 Feb 2010 03:03
13 by debo11debo11
18 Feb 2010 12:22 Jump!
by: Bill BiscoBill Bisco
17 Feb 2010 01:56
23 by teventeven
17 Feb 2010 22:07 Jump!
For playing out some of the current scene after the 2nd session of Into the Mire. Please post only if you were involved.
by: Tensers ImpTensers Imp
15 Feb 2010 22:16
19 by teventeven
17 Feb 2010 13:51 Jump!
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