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New Player looking to try some D&D
by: WaltersWalters
02 Aug 2010 01:53
The dwarves of Clan Galmrin wish to reclaim a lost relic, the Wyrmskull Throne. Unfortunately, it's deep at the bottom of the Ocean.
by: Bill BiscoBill Bisco
02 Mar 2010 00:40
15 by debo11debo11
05 Mar 2010 13:23 Jump!
Renald is the owner of the traveling arena. It moves across the world
by: debo11debo11
03 Mar 2010 20:31
4 by Tensers ImpTensers Imp
04 Mar 2010 07:19 Jump!
by: Tensers ImpTensers Imp
26 Feb 2010 17:46
16 by webdemon83webdemon83
03 Mar 2010 18:20 Jump!
I want Kleethorpes to gain entry to the Brotherhood of the Cowl, and would rather RP something out, preferably with some appropriate challenges than simply say he gets in.
by: Tensers ImpTensers Imp
28 Feb 2010 11:23
5 by Tensers ImpTensers Imp
01 Mar 2010 17:40 Jump!
A quick summary of a RP session for Vander to meet his god / be granted a dominion.
by: NarniaBlueNarniaBlue
28 Feb 2010 03:16
Pickup game from 2-25-2008
by: QuicksilverQuicksilver
26 Feb 2010 16:24
2 by Jam730Jam730
27 Feb 2010 01:26 Jump!
Journey into the depths of the perilous Red Desert seeking a lost tribe.
by: Tensers ImpTensers Imp
25 Feb 2010 22:13
dungeon delving and character development. expect high fantasy.
by: Jam730Jam730
24 Feb 2010 22:32
4 by Jam730Jam730
25 Feb 2010 15:07 Jump!
The elder mage Ulric needs help once again in finding information on building and designing his airship.
by: debo11debo11
22 Feb 2010 16:58
9 by teventeven
25 Feb 2010 12:52 Jump!
Clifton Caldwell, a local merchant, has recently purchased a small castle, located a few miles away from Port Drambath. The castle had not been occupied for some time. Clifton had purchased the castle for a ridiculously high price, since he had always wanted to own one. ers! However, he has recently been given a cryptic message to leave the castle alone. Clifton is scared for his life, and wants a group of adventurers to see if the Castle is truly empty.
by: Bill BiscoBill Bisco
25 Feb 2010 00:05
by: RaynethRayneth
21 Feb 2010 06:51
16 by Bill BiscoBill Bisco
24 Feb 2010 23:31 Jump!
My wife and I are looking for a game to play. Just wanted to put it out there that while we have read almost all the material we have never played a game.
by: ArtiasArtias
24 Feb 2010 06:09
8 by ArtiasArtias
24 Feb 2010 23:17 Jump!
A Drawf needs your help....
by: debo11debo11
23 Feb 2010 21:56
2 by teventeven
24 Feb 2010 13:36 Jump!
Gathering of available DM activity
by: Jam730Jam730
23 Feb 2010 02:33
4 by Jam730Jam730
23 Feb 2010 22:16 Jump!
Looking for someone to DM a weekday game at around 6-11pm GMT which is 1pm-6pm EST.
by: Tensers ImpTensers Imp
14 Feb 2010 18:08
10 by Tensers ImpTensers Imp
23 Feb 2010 20:07 Jump!
This is a solo-ish game dealing with Alyssa's character managing her dominion
by: Bill BiscoBill Bisco
21 Feb 2010 23:56
7 by Bill BiscoBill Bisco
22 Feb 2010 22:57 Jump!
Elven Lord, Teltharn Gawadyn had thought his son and heir Anoriel lost to raiders as they crossed the Red Desert, but now months later rumor has reached him of an elven warrior wielding blade and spell who has risen to become champion of the Gladiatorial Pits in Mortai - a small town made up largely of visiting desert nomads. Now Teltharn wishes to hire adventurers to save his son, but to do so they must enter the Pits themselves!
by: Tensers ImpTensers Imp
21 Feb 2010 11:34
5 by Tensers ImpTensers Imp
21 Feb 2010 22:07 Jump!
by: teventeven
19 Feb 2010 15:05
20 by teventeven
21 Feb 2010 14:45 Jump!
The College of Necromancy is hiring a group of adventurers to track down a certain item in an abandoned fortress, and if they meet a certain individual to eliminate him
by: Bill BiscoBill Bisco
18 Feb 2010 22:16
11 by Bill BiscoBill Bisco
20 Feb 2010 21:57 Jump!
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