Florian Abeez

The magnificently, magnanimous, marvelous, maestro, of mayhem. The fantiastically, foolish, fanciable, fop! The insatiable, ignorant, imbecile! Florain Abeez!

The head of the flambouyant - though largely only because he is the leader - Long Knives thieves guild, arguably the oldest and best established in port Drambath. Abeez is all about style over substance, though one can assume he does rather will financially given both the displays of opulence, and the fact that he remains the head of a thieves guild - as opposed to say a corpse.

Florian Abeez is a powerful bard who has taken the Sublime Chord PRC, his spells known are almost exclusively those that are flashy or tailored to thieving. As such Abeez has a phenomenal bluff check, and is known - and proud of it - to be almost always under a Glibness effect. He sees the fact that everyone always suspects him of lying as a very amusing challenge.

Abeez is very popular in Port Drambath, both because his exploits are generally very entertaining, and because he tends to steal from those who are disliked by the populace - most of the time.

Abeez also owns the infamous Opium den/Brothel The Silver Siren, where he often meets with people. Rumor has it that he and the long Knives dwell in an underground lair know as The Palace.

Appearance: Abeez is a swarthy dark haired fellow who fairly oozes charisma. He is on the short side, his mane of artfully touseled hair reaches down to the tops of his shoulders and his brown eyes smoulder with mirth. His laugh is deep and throat - and should be considered groups for sexual assault - and his voice like honey over smooth steel.

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