Dwarf Aid

Adventurers (conrad, Karesh, Vander, Klee, loannnaon, karma, Velmus Valed)

Fredrick is behind the bar at the Water Dragon Inn as he sees his favorite drawf, "Pops" come into the establishment.

Pops is a little harried today, as Fredrick serves him his usual. After a few drinks, Pops asks Fredrick to help him with a problem.

After Pops tells Fredrick of the stolen jewel, Fredrick says he can't help him, since Tyll is out of town for some business, though he knows several that would be perfect for the job. Motioning to the corner, Pops eyes the adventures and walks over.

"Well brave adventurers. Fredrick tells me you are looking for work and could aid me. I need a party to travel back home, I will provide transportation of course. Once there you will be sent to find a fire gem that was stolen by a clan of kobolds. The damn things worship the elemental inside it, and use its fire to kill others. The elemental inside is an ancient being, and should not be used for such purposes. He is used to creation and watching our smiths create works of art. Can you help us. You will be paid 1000 gold for your troubles, and also you keep what you find. So if you wish to come, then be at my shop in the morning at first light."

Pops grabs his mug and raises it to Fredrick as he waves goodbye to the drawf blacksmith.

After meeting at Pop's shop, they adventurers traveled along the secretive drawven tunnel network and arrived in the clan hall. Meeting Fardick Oakshield, they got the information about the fire elemental, firebringer and his whereabouts.

After going into the barred off location, the adventures were met with large numbers of kobolds, after they passed through several devilishly designed traps.
As they fought the kobolds, a great noise of a greater earth elemental appeared and threw a rock at Klee, and even throwing Conrad across the room. The adventures made haste up the hallway, finding a sniveling kobold that showed them where the fire elemental and the fire jewel were. After getting down into the lava baked pit, the adventures used the power of fire and gave Firebringer enough strength to imprison the other Earth elmental into its jeweled form. Taking both jewels, one of earth and one of fire, the drawfs gave the adventures 2000 gp a piece and offered them mater work weapons and/or armor of their choice.

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