Drums On Fire Mountain

Date: 12th of February 2010
DM: Bill Bisco
Players: Alyssa, Tyll, Frederick, Archadeus, Mecedes Quicksilver, Conrad, Liet

Summary: A few of Port Drambath's ships have been sunk due to the mysterious Ship-Bane, and green-skinned orcish looking creatures. The Seafaring Merchant's Guild has hired a group of adventures to travel to the Island of Teki-nira-ria to stop the new leader of the Kara-Kara (Jungle Orcs).

Session1: Rollo Bargmann put up an ad promising an award to adventurers who are willing to stop the new leader of the Kara-Kara. The adventurers meet Rollo and sign a contract indicated that they will be paid 2000 gp after the successful venture. The party members meet the Elven Captain Malmir who guides the Belle Venture to Teki-nira-ria Island.

The party members arrive on the island without incident. Malmir informs the adventurers that they have 5 days and not a minute more to defeat the new leader and put an end to the attacks on the merchant ships.

The adventurers meet and fight some white apes, a giant spider, and a huge python before finding the Kara-Kara temple which is built into the side of a volcano. Every step the party took towards the Volcano, the sounds of drumming were louder and louder.

After entering the temple and some ensuing puzzles and battles, the party found their way into the heart of the complex, where they saw 3 strangely civilized humanoids (1 sitting on a throne) amongst some Kara-Kara guards. The humanoid on the throne identified himself as Cartha Radu and the source behind the attacks and sinking of the merchant ships. If he couldn't be a leader of men, he would be a leader of savages, and would exact revenge on Port Drambath. Some party members tried to convince Cartha Radu to reconsider his actions, but soon a melee broke out and after some strains, the adventurers were victorious

The adventurers find some fine silks and other valuable merchandise which was stolen from the merchant ships as well as some other valuables. Alyssa Highever takes the pendant that was on [[[Cartha Radu]]'s person and finds that the Kara-Kara now consider her a goddess, and when she transforms into an orcish woman, announce that they need to make a statue of her immediately

Aftermath: All party members save Alyssa Highever are congratulated on a job well done, and now ships can pass again without worry.

Alyssa Highever now controls the domain of Teki-nira-ria Island since she has possession of the Mist Pendant

XP Rewards:
All party members:
515 xp White Apes
100 xp Contrictor Snake

All party members except Mercy:
150 xp Monstrous Spider+Swarm

All party members except Alyssa:
200 xp Ghouls+Screaming Undead

All party members except Liet:
100 xp solving puzzle
300 xp Gelatinous cubes
200 xp Wood Golems
125 xp Kara-Kara Guards
100 xp Veiled Society Cronies
300 xp Cartha Radu

Total XP Liam: 615
Total XP Mercy: 1940
Total XP Alyssa: 1890
Total XP Everyone Else: 2090

Gold Rewards:

Everyone but Alyssa:
2000 gp reward from the Crew

Everyone but Liet and Alyssa:
5000 gp worth stolen merchandise (Fine Silks, spices, carpets, etc.) RETURNED to Port Drambath
5000 gp worth of Temple Treasure in the Throne Room
245 gp worth of Mother of Pearl from Wood Golems
2 Sandles worth 310 gp each
760 gp Jade Necklace

Gold and Ivory sword hilt worth 1210 gp
2 ankle bracelets worth 575 gp each

Magic Items Sold:
Gloves of Dexterity +4 for 1333 gp to appropriate party members

Total GP Liam: 2000
Total GP Alyssa: 2360
Total GP Everyone Else: 4902

Magic Items Found: Gloves of Dexterity +4, Bag of Holding (60 lbs Version) The Party will have to decide how they decide who gets this. Mist Pendant is in Alyssa's Possesion.

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