Dominion Tournaments

A dominion ruler may host a tournament for entertainment, to prove the might of his/her champions, or to build the dominion's confidence up to twice a year.


1. A holiday must be declared. A holiday costs 5 gp per subject family in small dominion and 10 gp per subject family in a large dominion.

2. A great feast for the general populace must be provided, at the cost of 1 gp per subject family in the dominion.

3. The Dominion ruler must pay a cost equal to the highest outside Dominion Ruler that attends the tournament, for general comforts and luxuries, according to this chart:

Title Cost
Baron 100
Viscount 200
Count 300
Marquis 400
Duke 600
Archduke 700
Prince 800
King 1000
Emperor 1500

3. The Dominion ruler must provide tournament prizes equal to 1000 gp per title rank. For example, a Baron would have to provide 1000 gp in prizes, while a Duke would have to provide 5000 gp in prizes.

Attending Rulers and Champions

A ruler wishing to host a tournament rolls a die according to their title (or rank) which determines the highest attending noble and how many champions they bring according to the chart below.

Noble Die Required Roll Title Champions
Baron 1d4 1 Baron 4
Viscount 1d4 2 Viscount 4
Count 1d6 3 Count 6
Marquis 1d8 4 Marquis 6
Duke 1d8+1 5 Duke 6
Archduke 1d10 6 Archduke 8
Prince 1d12 7 Prince 8
King 1d20 8 King 8
Emperor 1d20 9 Emperor 10

A PC Baron hosts a tournament. S/he rolls a d4 and gets a 3. The highest attending Noble will be a Count (or Countess) and s/he will bring 6 champions to the tournament.

The Dm may determine that a high level noble may be unavailable to attend a tournament. In such a situation revert the numbers to one lower. For example if a Count was unavailable a Viscount and a Baron would attend.

Tournament Benefits:

1. The Dominion Ruler gains 1000 XP per rank of the highest title noble attending, and 100 XP per champion that enters a contest (including PCs). For example if a Marquis attended a tournament and 12 Champions attended a tournament, the Dominion Ruler would gain 4000 XP from the Marquis and 1200 XP from the champions for a total of 5200 XP.

2. The Champion who wins the tournament gains XP equal to the worth of the tournament prize in gp.

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