Dominion Confidence And Growth

Dominion Confidence

In general, If a dominion ruler has treated the subject populace well and maintained order and defenses of the dominion. No check is necessary, and the dominion prospers and grows accordingly. However, if the dominion was not run effectively or suffered other hazards, a Confidence Check must be maintained. The dominion ruler must roll a d100 against a DC determined by the DM. The Ruler adds his/her Ability Scores plus whatever factors the DM determines may be in the ruler's favor or disfavor.

Dominion Growth
Barring other factors, Dominions grow at a rate of 25% per year to represent new citizens coming of age. For example, a Dominion with 100 Families in Year 1 would have 125 Families at the beginning of Year 2. The DM may determine that a particular Map hex has the maximum number of families that it can feasibily sustain.

Other factors may increase or decrease this growth rate. Obviously, any adverse actions or events may reduce the number of families in a Map hex!

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