Dominion Benefits

A Dominion earns 3 types of income, Standard, Tax, and Resource

Standard Income:
Services equal to 10 gp per subject family. Not actual gold but the value of such services to the ruler.

Tax Income
Normally 1 gp per month per subject family, paid in cash. The exact tax rate is set by the ruler, but higher or lower taxes will affect the Confidence Level

Resource Income
Animal: 2 gp per subject family
Vegetable: 1 gp per subject family
Mineral: 3 gp per subject family

Baron Tax
Note, that if the PC ruler is themself a subject of a larger dominion. A 20% Tax is deducted from all Dominion Income.

Experience Points
A PC or NPC ruler gains 1 XP for each 1 gp of Resource and Tax Income, but none for Standard Income or
“Baron Tax” Income. Experience Points are gained at the end of each month.

An Independent Dominion with 50 subject families and 2 Animal and 1 Vegetable Resource would earn 500 gp in Standard Income, 50 gp in tax income, and 250 gp in Resource Income. For the month, the PC would 500 gp in the form of services from the population, 300 gp in actual gold coins, and 300 XP.

Dominion Costs
The simplified mechanics of Dominion rules assume that the costs for running the Dominion have already been deducted, and the Income gained is the net income after costs.

PCs will need to keep track of their dominion information, Income and XP gained. The PC is not required to be present even most of the time to rule it. However, they need to find a way to keep communication with their Lands or potentially suffer a loss in revenue and experience gained.

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