Character Sheet
Race: Human
Class/Level: Druid/Level 1
Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: Still in his adolescence he hasn't quite grown into himself yet. His armor is taken from the skins of animals he's killed himself for warmth as well as protection. At 5'6" his body is lean with decent tone though he isn't very strong. His hair is long but pulled back. A leather tie is wrapped around the braid to hold his hair preventing snags. Usually he is defensive when meeting new people which has caused him to carry himself with a lower center of gravity.

Background: When Daelun was very young he was left to the woods after his family had been killed. The first week had been very treacherous for him. His body had begun to whither from starvation and lack of water. When it seemed death would take him a voice sweet and maternal filled his mind urging him to get up. His frail body shook with the effort. Once he stood he saw a dog looking at him from the bushes. In it's mouth there was bird, dead.

When the dog was approached it did not move. Once within arms reach it laid to the ground dropping the fowl on the earth. Daelun wasn't able to stop himself and began devouring the bird. The raw flesh was very metallic and caused him to gag many times but he was too hungry to give up the gift he was given. The dog stood by and watched. It seemed that an oath of friendship had been struck between them that day.

Now, 4 years later, he has wandered the woods with his companion learning to survive. When he is lost or confounded that same sweet feminine voice calls out to him offering calm reassurance. Though he was born to the civilized world he has become a child of the woods. As he grew other talents manifested. Strange powers of magic kindled within him. Creating water from thin air, healing wounds instantly with the touch of a hand. His life had changed into something grand.

Though he is feral to many he still wanders to towns from time to time selling goods, if has them, or watching people in their strange habitat. His curiosity is one of his biggest faults but he enjoys looking in on those who live outside his world. Over time he has accumulated things that have made his life a little easier but he stays to the woods when possible. Eventually Daelun hopes to find others like himself, people, he might befriend for life in the wood is wondrous but very lonely.

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