Conrad Voltaire

Hellbred Crusader - Conrad Voltaire


Sir Conrad Voltaire's Sheet

Appearance: Conrad appears as a towering lanky man standing at 6'2 who seems to be malnourished weighing only 160 pounds despite his considerable muscle. A single glance in his eyes is enough to send shivers down spines as it shines with a sinister red glow along with the dark eye coloration on his skin. He is naturally darkly handsome with long flowing black hair. He looks quite fearsome and frightening, a trait he has trained himself to use to intimidate people in case diplomacy fails.

Personality Facing a hard life of hostility and distrust based solely on his appearence, Conrad has resolved himself to not only redeem his nearly damned soul but to fight as hard as he can for the principles of good. Usually a dark, serious and humourless person, he is quick to analyse and assess a situation and does not hesitate to blurt out a plan he thinks is the best course of action nor is he above yelling out orders to his allies. Though those who get passed his experience will encounter a genuinely kind but troubled soul. He makes friends easily with those who were cast aside by civilized society based solely on stereotype, having experienced the harshes of these unjust assumptions. His only fear is the fear of the afterlife, as Hell already has a claim on his soul.

Background Born to a rich noble family amid horrifying screams of fear and terror, a quick death was nearly his undoing were it not for the intervention of his superstitious grandmother, who believed him to be merely possessed by a demon. The priest through rigorous religious education and failed exorcisms discovered Conrad was a Hellbred, a race of damned souls given a second chance at redeeming themselves. Quick to give their child away to the priest, who dedicated the remainer of his life training the child the skills he needed to face the endless horrors of the Nine Hells. The day the priest passed on, Conrad steeled himself for a long journey of perpetual danger with the precious ultimate prize of the salvation of his soul The forces of good recieves an unlikely ally that day, in the form of a wandering demonic warrior whose ability on the saddle is only matched by his single minded devotion to battling evil.

The road he travels is a lonely and dangerous one, but he counts one of the few who has a Nymph as his friend, the fey having taken interest in him and overlooking his appearence with her empathy. Not having a proper name, Conrad gave her the name Cybil. She appears to be fascinated by his determination despite his doomed circumstance and wishes to see his struggles till the end, even if she has to risk her life. Deciding in delving in the works of evil, he went along with several others to retrieve a whistle while assisinating a certain wizard. It is at the end of the road did he discoered a moral crisis of either preserving his life or doing good. Steeling his resolve later in Fredrick's example, he has decided to take on the mantle of a true paladin. While Fredrick's positive influence on him has earned him a great level of respect in Conrad's eyes, there is no doubt in everyones mind Fredrick will quickly restore it back to its original level.

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