Please create a page for your character(s) following the template of Examplicus the Epitomizer Provide a link to your Myth Weavers/Rogue Penguin character sheet. For character backgrounds the rest of the world beyond the Raven Marches had been kept intentionally nebulous so feel free to invent a Kingdom, etc., so long as its existence would be possible in a generic fantasy world. Some existing locations are mentioned in Setting

Examplicus the Epitomizer lvl 1 Fighter (Example character)

Alyssa Highever Changeling Rogue 3 / Fighter 2

Conrad Voltaire Lvl 6 Paladin
Gears Arrowback Level 1 Cleric (Master Crafter)

Ravanna Darktide lvl 1 Ranger

Kleethorpes the Magnificent lvl 5 Psion (Kineticist)

Zilpah Joshi lvl 4 Archivist
Sindri Lvl 3 Knight

Grung Deathbringer lvl 1 Knight

Husky lvl 2 Barbarian

Daelun lvl 1 Druid

Mikhail Vladis lvl 1 Wizard (Necromancer)

Jacob lvl 2 Rogue / lvl 2 Swashbuckler (Pirate)

Uugh lvl 4 Barbarian
Vark'as Fighter 1
Urist McShasad Bard 2 (retired)

Ronan lvl 1 Swashbuckler (Duelist)

Tyll Ellsin lvl 5 Bard/ Level 1 Dragon Disciple
Pope Cleric 2 Retired
floralag Barbarian 2

Velmus Valed Cloistered Cleric 1 / Human Paragon 2
Malric Beguiler 1 / Wizard 2

Mercedes Quicksilver Factotum 6? & CandaceHart Cleric 1

Fredrick Uhsbane Paladin of Freedom lvl 7

Archadeus Battle Sorcerer 5
Haehoth Factotum 5

Adwira Thea Ranger 2

Liet Malavorn Soulknife 1

Vander Croix Cleric 4

Xoxixon Psion (Kineticist) 2

Karma Cooper Beguiler 4
Jack Wrenchino Rogue 1/ Wizard 1

Horace Rogue 2

Lorannon Thavian Hexblade 1

Syzel Warlock 2

Camellia Rogue 2

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